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If you are new to mistamcgee dotcom,
please review the following points regarding how I conduct negotiable sales and auctions.
Should you have questions not answered here, please contact me through eBay's messaging system.
  . Communication

If you have any questions regarding what I have for sale or auction, please send me your questions through eBay's messaging system. I always reply to my messages as soon as I practically can.

Please understand that if you send a message close to the end of an auction, there is a good chance you will not receive a reply before the auction in question ends.

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  . Description

What I have for sale and auction always includes a concise description and a detailed photo of the actual item you are bidding on. The photo will never be a stock photo unless the item is BRAND NEW and SEALED within it's original packaging or I indicate otherwise.

Please note that I do inspect "brand new" items prior to packaging for shipping to ensure they are in "as described" and complete condition. Therefore, the original shrinkwrap or seal may be broken, however I will do my best to keep the item in as close to unopened condition for when you receive it.

As the image in the description is normally smaller than the original, please message me if you would like a high resolution image forwarded to you.

Please only bid if you are 100% commited to buying the item as all sales are final. Items are not returnable or refundable should you change your mind.

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  . Packaging and Shipping

Packaging an item properly is extremely important to me. Rest assured that your item will be packed with great care to assist in it's safe delivery.

In the unlikely event your item is damaged during shipping, please contact me immediately on it's arrival. Such cases will be reviewed on an individual basis.

To date, no item I have shipped has arrived in anything less than the condition described in the auction.

Insurance is not quoted in the shipping total. Please request a cost to ship including insurance if required. Insurance will only cover unexpected loss or theft in the postal system, not damage.

All shipping costs are at customers expense. Shipping costs cannot be reimbursed.

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  . Feedback

I always leave sensational feedback for buyers that have successfully completed the transaction process.

The time I leave feedback is when the buyer has indicated that they have received the item through leaving feedback for me. As a seller, I never leave feedback before the buyer.

Feedback is as much a part of the transaction as exchanging payment for the item. It is vitally important to the eBay community that feedback is provided to complete the transaction.

In all my experience on eBay, I have never once left negative feedback for a buyer or a seller.

I believe there is a suitable resolution for all disputes providing the lines of communication are open and honest.

Should you be unhappy about any part of your transaction with me, please message me your concern and I will work with you to find a suitable resolution.

Working through an issue together has demonstrated to me you can still leave positive feedback for one another even though the sale did not go as expected.

Below is some more of my happy customers feedback.


You can review all my feedback at eBay.

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